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Hey everyone, new update! With the new sorting boxes, mixed-item pipelines are now viable. Simply add a sorter box in the middle and tell it what you want to filter out through the top. Also added some signs to make marking up the factory easier.

Smoothing out the difficulty Nibblers used to be an early game pain point. They are relatively inexpensive to make and easy to automate, but end up eating a ton of food which can’t be automated until much later in the game. This led to people having pens full of hungry...

Mind Readers are here! Using these, it should be much easier to see what’s going on. Simply point one at a pet and it will tell you what they need to be happy, and what they’re missing.

If you’re wondering what the current plans are for Industrial Petting, here they are! These dates are current estimates, they may get moved around depending on how development goes.

Industrial Petting is finally available on Steam Early Access! After years of prototyping and building, it’s time to share the current work with the world.