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If you’re wondering what the current plans are for Industrial Petting, here they are! These dates are current estimates, they may get moved around depending on how development goes.

Industrial Petting is finally available on Steam Early Access! After years of prototyping and building, it’s time to share the current work with the world.

After more than four years of development, Industrial Petting is finally coming to Steam on March 17th! Check out the new trailer on youtube.

The Mushroom update is now live on steam! Mushroom pets and the mushroom biome are working, along with a host of other bugfixes and optimizations. The game should run a whole lot better now: all the grass generation and other objects on the ground have been moved to the GPU,...

After a few months of contract work and sabbatical, I’m back to work on Industrial Petting with an eye towards the spring. After all this time, I have a better idea of what is important for the release, and what can be added after early access has officially started.