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Hello [Insert Robot ID Here]! We’re close to the one year anniversary for you know what. The Early Access release of Industrial Petting!

Off in the distance, the gentle glow of crystalline formations give hints for why this world is so packed full of creatures. The Crystal Update is here! Find a new area and pack it full of new creatures.

Give your pets a place to sleep in this week’s update! Pet beds are now constructable, along with some fixes for the Industrial Petters.

Look in the dark, and you can see something glowing in the forest. Something big, soft, and comforting to children across the galaxy. Hop in the game and make some Glowers! Feed them so new plants in the forest, and throw some pumpkins on their heads!

Unlocked a bunch of hats and don’t know what to do with them? Put them on your pets! This week’s update is just a small feature and a chunk of bugfixes.