Smoothing out the difficulty

Nibblers used to be an early game pain point. They are relatively inexpensive to make and easy to automate, but end up eating a ton of food which can’t be automated until much later in the game. This led to people having pens full of hungry nibblers and no easy way to deal with them.

These new berry bushes help with that early game pain. They are a reliable source of food without setting up a carrot farming chain. They don’t give nearly as much as a proper farm, but keep things moving early on. Also, nibblers no longer need to be petted, they are happy as long as they eat something.

What’s coming next?

This update was slow, but development is back on track again! I just moved this last week, but boxes are now unpacked and the development server is online. The big May update has some initial designs, and I’m excited to see how people react to it. I’ll have another bugfix/quality of life update before then, though. There are still some VR/controller control issues that really need to be sorted.

Check Steam for the full changelog!