If you’re wondering what the current plans are for Industrial Petting, here they are! These dates are current estimates, they may get moved around depending on how development goes.


The first new piece of content will be a device players can use to better understand what pets are thinking. Along with some more tutorials and changes to AI behavior, it should make the game more playable and more understandable for more people!

After that, there are already designs for a new pet area with new resources, new pets, and some new behavior. Looking further out, the factory update should make the non-petting side of the game more interesting. The Factory Pocket Dimensions are currently planned to work similar to the factorrisimo mod for factorio. These are going to be little subfactories you can enter that have more space inside than they do outside. No pets allowed.

The exploration update is not going to have much in pets or factories, but it’s going to have much better reasons to make them. The goal is to add interesting objectives other than “make a bigger factory”, and have a world generation rewrite that allows for people to see much further than currently, and have more interesting large-scale geography. This may be split into two updates, but for right now we’ll pretend it will be one.

It’s been an exciting launch week here, and these next few months will see a lot added to Industrial Petting!