Look in the dark, and you can see something glowing in the forest. Something big, soft, and comforting to children across the galaxy. Hop in the game and make some Glowers! Feed them so new plants in the forest, and throw some pumpkins on their heads!

Along with these nighttime creatures, our daytiime pets need a break. Some pets now fall asleep at night; get ready for pet beds coming soon.

Looking ahead, there’s a big performance update coming. It should literally double the framerate for a bunch of people, especially VR players. It will also help with loading times, multiplayer lag, etc…

If you have feedback/ideas for what to add in the future, join the discord!

Changelog v0.1.14


  • Glowers!
  • Glowbulbs in the forest
  • Pumpkins in the fields
  • Cuddlers fall asleep at night


  • Fix game not saving if loading a new game after trying to load a corrupted or missing save file
  • VR players can type in new save names again
  • Various save fixes for old saves
  • Amanita hats purchasable
  • Fix server timeout on player tools
  • Fix terrain mesh LoD registration