Unlocked a bunch of hats and don’t know what to do with them? Put them on your pets! This week’s update is just a small feature and a chunk of bugfixes.

I took a look at the tech needed for a big future update, and a lot of the systems can be changed one at a time. Some of the more visible ones will be skybox changing, dynamic music, and teleporting.

If you have feedback/ideas for what to add in the future, join the discord!

Changelog v0.1.12


  • Hats on Pets!
  • Superior Sploofers now in-game


  • Can now place Fossil Research Lab more easily
  • Inspector antennas rotate
  • Fossil research now gives wood gears as constructable
  • Add descriptions for Fossil research, Superior Sploofers, and Sizeable Sploofers


  • Fix some pipes not showing up and some showing up in the wrong place when built too quickly
  • Fix harvesters not aligning to fossil deposits