We’ve discovered evidence of giant prehistoric pets on this planet, with large clusters of bones scattered through the forest. The bones seem to all be pointed in the same direction. We need to study these further to find out why, and potentially use them…

The fossil update is here! This is the first step towards later-game content, and an overarching story/goal. With the tech created in this update, some of the future ones should be easier to make. This is a very industry-focused update, the next one will be more petting-related, for those of you who aren’t as interested in the construction side of things.

As always, feel free to email with suggestions, and follow/wishlist/buy the game on steam!




  • New Fossil Area in the woods
    • Comes with new buildings and items to discover
  • More tutorial chats and explanations
  • Add mushrooms in the forest pointing towards mushroom areas


  • All happy pets will now follow players
    • For now this just changes Nibblers and Gardeners
  • Change Junction recipe to 1 Wood -> 2 Junctions
  • Change Slimecuddler recipe to use Green Goo instead of Slime


  • Updated to Unity 2019.4
  • Greatly reduced per-frame allocations, should help with occasional frame drops
  • More bugfixes, UI fixes, small changes