February Update

February is upon us! For Industrial Petting, that means new, new, new. New pets, new buildings, new interactions. The next update will have a new building to help automatically harvest things, at least one new pet, some fun changes to old buildings, and a suite of polish fixes. We’ll also have the first piece of music in-game!

January was a month of responding to initial test reports, fixing bugs, and getting backend systems ready for launch. The game is currently working with Unity 2018. The translation systems are ready and tested. Automatic bug reporting systems have already been helping find issues in people’s live games. Multiplayer seems to be working well. There haven’t been too many crazy graphics bugs yet.

The full release is now being delayed until I feel comfortable with the amount of content. That means a few more pets added, and at least one big feature related to map generation. Once I have firm time estimates, I’ll be announcing the date.

And finally, here’s a screenshot by Luffy from the discord.


That’s a lot of cuddlers.