I’ve been off the radar for a little bit, so what’s going on?

With the announcement of the Valve Index, I’ve been in the middle of getting the old VR support working again. VR in Industrial Petting will work with the whole game, and also work in multiplayer. Not only that, but the new knuckles controllers are going to be supported, so get ready to wave and make gestures at your friends without headsets!

Along with that work, Industrial Petters are now actually in-game. Although this does mean that any pets getting petted by them will just follow the petters until they get bored. I’m not sure what the best solution to this is at the moment, but it’s an interesting design problem. The elevators might just lift things in a larger area, or the petters might move around a bit more, I’m not sure yet.

When’s the update going public for testers? Hopefully sometime in this next week. VR likely won’t be completely functional yet, but the other new thing should be in there.

There’s a new pet in-game too, but I’d like to see if people can find it. :D

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