What is Industrial Petting?

It’s is a multiplayer, cruelty-free factory-building game about making pets for the universe.

  • Find pets on the outer pet planets
  • Get them to love you
  • Sell them on the market
  • Make pet factories for more profit

Who did this?

Almost entirely Connor, who’s been working on this project for way too long. Music/Sound effects are from Jano One, a wonderful music producer out of LA, who also happens to be the younger brother. Listen to his stuff on Spotify.

Where can I buy it?

You can’t buy it anywhere yet, but you can wishlist it on steam to get a notification when it comes out. If you want more updates on what’s going on, sign up for the mailing list!

Do I have to use Steam?

Yes. I’m currently using Steam for multiplayer and controller support, and it’s difficult to move or make another system.

When is it coming out on Switch?

Probably never. I’m not planning on doing any console ports until the game is feature-complete, and the game needs a lot of optimization before considering Switch at all.

When is it coming to VR?