Off in the distance, the gentle glow of crystalline formations give hints for why this world is so packed full of creatures. The Crystal Update is here! Find a new area and pack it full of new creatures.

This update has been a test of how quickly I can implement new content on a deadline without adding new features in code; this area was built in two weeks of work. I’m (mostly) happy with the tools I currently have to build new pets and biomes.

I’ll be taking some time off for the holiday, but the next few updates are going to start fleshing out the story for the game, and add some clearer long-term goals for players. I’m very excited for what’s coming soon, so keep an eye out!

If you have feedback/ideas for what to add in the future, join the discord!



  • New Crystal Area!


  • Vsync is now default until I can figure out how to change it in the newer Unity graphics system