After a few months of contract work and sabbatical, I’m back to work on Industrial Petting with an eye towards the spring. After all this time, I have a better idea of what is important for the release, and what can be added after early access has officially started.

Right now, I’m getting VR support working. Industrial Petting has always been designed with virtual reality in mind, the earliest prototypes were tested on a pre-release Oculus Rift! With the upcoming release of Half-Life, more people are going to get a chance to see my preferred way to play the game. Everything you can do on a flat screen, you’ll be able to do in VR. Cuddle those cuddlers up close. Explore the forest and mushrooms and factories in a whole new way. Have a headset, but your friends don’t? Online play supports VR players and flat screen players at the same time, so you can literally wave it in their faces.

I’m also sending out a bunch of new keys for pre-release testing this week. For those with beta access, I’m going to push a new version of the game to Steam. This has a ton of bug fixes, and a partially implemented version of the new mushroom biome. As always, let me know what you find with the bug report form!